I drink to make
 people interesting.
    --WC Fields




















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            Need Guidance?             Read the Wall

   A Bob Dobb's customer recently claimed to have found the answer to his private problems on the walls of the bar and grill.  Shawn Murphy, a junior at UA said he came to DB's last Friday after having a terrible fight with his girlfriend.  After a few beers, Shawn began to read the different remarks that past customers had written in an effort to leave something of themselves behind.  One such effort caught Shawn's eye. It said:
"A woman blinded by her own ideals will not recognize her mate's gifts."  That, he said, spoke right to him. He left the bar, went to his girlfriend's house and broke up.  The next day, at the Laundro-mat, Shawn met the girl of his dreams.  Go Shawn!
     So if you are in need of advice, be it in your personal or profes-sional life, stop by Bob Dobb's.  The answer you need may be right in front of you.





Jokes. . .
Here's a new joke from Bob in Canada. Bob says, "I live outside of Toronto, and I've spent some great times at BobDobb's with my co-workers in Tucson. My WC Fields t-shirt is getting worn out! Last Christmas I came to Tucson and BD's for a BobBurger and Hefeweizen on the patio. We did cheers to "The cold Canadian winter.

A Frenchman, an Italian and a Newfie are in a bar and notice a patron in the corner with an ominous glow. They ask the bartender who it is. The bartender replies, "God. 'In here all the time!"

The Frenchman quickly asks the bartender, "Give me a bottle of your best French wine," and presents it as a gift.

The Italian asks the bartender, "Give me a bottle of your best Italian wine," and presents it as a gift as well.

Not to be outdone, the Newfie asks the bartender, "Give me a bottle of Screech," and presents it as a gift to God.

God takes a drink out of each bottle and approaches the three to thank them. He touches the Frenchman on the arm and says, "Thank you!" The Frenchman jumps up and exclaims, "My arthritis is gone!"

God touches the Italian on the leg and says, "Thank you!" The Italian jumps up and exclaims, "My limp is gone!" 

The Newfie jumps back from God and says, "Don't touch me. I'm on compen-sation!"

Thanks for trying, Bob. Look forward to seeing you again.

Two fellows have been at the bar now for quite a while, downing several mugs with abandon. They both look at the far end of the bar, in the direction of an unattractive woman who came in a while back.

The first fellow looks back at the second fellow and says, "Ya know, that woman is looking better and better, isn't she?"

The second fellow takes another look at the woman, then looks back at his friend and says, "well, I guess what they say is true, then, eh?"

The first fellow asks, "Well, what DO they say?" The second fellow answers, "Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder!"

How do you know if your a red neck?
You go to the family reunion to find a date!
What is the difference between man and Superman?
Man wears underwear under the trouser and superman wears them over the trouser.

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